About Me

For me, everything really started back in 1996. It was the time when I was first introduced to the concept of radio shows, hit music, charts, clubs and so on. One of the first radio shows I regulary followed and made a bunch of mixtapes from (yes, on actual tapes) was #TOPDANCE30 (back in 1996) so we can even say that that year was my startup year.

Only a year later I got to work with some professional DJ gear and immediately fell in love with it!

Fast forward a couple of years and in 2005 I signed up for (and majored) EMI – Electronic Music Institue to learn about music production and Croatian DJ Academy where I met some of the biggest names of Croatian DJing scene: Toxic, Ludvig, Go Cut and Nikola Fuchkar. By the time that was over, I got to work with another big name of Croatian DJ scene DJ Frx (today also known as Chris Twist) for 4 months!

So as of 2005 I started working my way up and building myself as a DJ, so let me name a few things I did since then:

From 2006 till 2010 I was appointed as DJ and announcer for KINDER MAXI KING ADRIA SUPER CUP, beach volleyball tournament that was held on all major sand beaches in Croatia
2009 summer residency at Aquarius club on „Croatias Ibiza“ Zrće beach.
I also held residencies at 9 different venues between 2006 till 2011 (full list below)
As of 2011 I have teamed up with DT Croatia - Dubrovnik Travel DMC to cover their corporate events
As of 2016 I am the official DJ at ZAGREB WINTER FUTSAL CUP that takes place every year

Also worth mentioning, I own 300 wireless headphones that can recieve signals from up to 3 different sound sources. Excellent for a SILENT PARTY with 3 genres of music but also a conference with 3 different languages in simultaneous translation (the listener chooses the language/music by pressing the switch on the headphone).

Below are some venues I had the honor to perform at.

Clubs and bars:

Aquarius, Zrće  ∥  In Music festival (Silent party), Zagreb  ∥  HotPot club, Zagreb  ∥Shamballa, Zagreb  ∥Fly! Bar, Zagreb  ∥Log!c club, Saloon, Zagreb  ∥1st Coffee bar, Zagreb  ∥  Posh fantasy bar, Zagreb  ∥  Langkawi bar, Zagreb  ∥Miss Fashion, Zagreb  ∥Club no.1 aka Jedinica, Zagreb  ∥  Aquarius A1, Zagreb  ∥  Aquarius A2, Zagreb  ∥  Gallery, Zagreb  ∥Drop In caffe, Zagreb  ∥Ham Ham centar, Zagreb  ∥New Orleans pub, Zagreb  ∥Global club, Zagreb  ∥  Dublin pub  ∥  Macao club, Zagreb  ∥  Lounge and club „Ginja“, Sun Gardens, Dubrovnik  ∥  Club Spirit, Grubišno Polje  ∥  Cocktail bar Cabana, Velika Gorica  ∥  Diskoteka Luna, Zlatar  ∥  Revelin club, Dubrovnik  ∥  Club Lazareti, Dubrovnik  ∥  Beach Bar "Ponat", Dubrovnik  ∥  "Esperanza" Bar , Dubrovnik  ∥  Solaris, Šibenik  ∥  Arsenal, Zadar  ∥  club Forum, Zadar  ∥Pub „Mala Ramona“, Krapina  ∥  Beach bar „Ridimutak“, Mali Lošinj  ∥Beach bar „Shark“, Dubrovnik  ∥  Beach bar „Michigan“, Tučepi  ∥City Bar, Ogulin  ∥  Tvornica Kulture, Zagreb  ∥  klub Trešnja, Zagreb  ∥  Lovačka soba "Kot 2 Jelena" (Katran), Zagreb

 Corporate clients:

Volvo group  ∥  CONVISTA  ∥  Sanlam Group  ∥  CEB Global Incentive  ∥  Cook Medical  ∥  SIA Partners  ∥  Linklaters business  ∥  Amanco  ∥  GMF  ∥  CFCAL  ∥  Bayer  ∥  Jayro  ∥  Socara Group  ∥  AMS  ∥  KNAUF  ∥  Grupo MGS  ∥  BMW  ∥  Ryman  ∥  Grupo Mapfre  ∥  Denstply UK  ∥  Standard Bank  ∥  Merck Incentive  ∥  EFCLIN  ∥  RYMAN Stationery  ∥  BOUX Avenue  ∥  Robert Dyas  ∥  Volkswagen  ∥  Proaxia Group  ∥  Wella

Other venues:

Lake Sabljaci, Ogulin  ∥  Višnjica, Dubrovnik  ∥  Copacabana beach, Dubrovnik  ∥  Sunset Beach, Dubrovnik  ∥  Villa Sheherezade, Dubrovnik  ∥  Fort Lovrijenac, Dubrovnik  ∥  Restaurant 360, Dubrovnik  ∥  Spinaker Restaurant & Lounge Bar, Cavtat  ∥  Hotel Croatia, Cavtat  ∥  Hotel Sheraton, Cavtat  ∥  Hotel Astarea, Mlini  ∥  Sponza pallace, Dubrovnik  ∥  Restaurant Klarisa, Dubrovnik  ∥  Restaurant Spoon, Zagreb  ∥  Villa Rose, Koločep  ∥  Hotel Villa Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik  ∥  Valamar President hotel, Dubrovnik  ∥  Valamar Lacroma hotel, Dubrovnik  ∥  The Palace hotel, Dubrovnik  ∥  Sun Gardens, Dubrovnik  ∥  Hotel Excelsior, Dubrovnik  ∥  Hotel Perla, Dubrovnik  ∥  „Sea Star“ event ship  ∥  „Tirena“ galleon ship  ∥  dvorana Pauk, Zagreb  ∥  SKUC, Zagreb  ∥  Boćarski dom, Zagreb

ZAGREB WINTER CUPSportska dvorana "Dubrava" (2024)  ∥ Sportska dvorana "Trešnjevka" (2023)  ∥ Sportska dvorana "Pešćenica" (2022, 2020)  ∥ Sportska dvorana "Jelkovec" (2019)  ∥ Sportska dvorana "Lučko" (2018, 2017)  ∥  Sportska dvorana "Fusio" (2016)

SILENT DISCOTHEQUE ⚋ Zagreb  ∥  Tučepi  ∥  Sv. Filip i Jakov  ∥  Stradun, Dubrovnik

KINDER MAXI KING ADRIA SUPER CUP (2006 - 2010) ⚋ Zagreb  ∥  Šibenik  ∥  Bol na Braču  ∥  Trogir  ∥  Split  ∥  Drače  ∥  Dubrovnik  ∥  Omiš  ∥  Sv. Filip i Jakov  ∥  Crikvenica  ∥  Umag  ∥  Novigrad